Gogoday Crazy Matching Cards

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šŸ¤©A cute game for kids and also adult can have fun with itšŸ¤©


  • šŸŽGaining Skills: This game is very suitable for kids to training memory, concentration, cognitive thinking, responsiveness and expressiveness
  • šŸŽKids and Family: Matching cards not only offers great leisure play opportunities for your preschooler, but is also a great game for adults to accompany with kids.
  • šŸŽEducational: Helping your kids recognize different items, colors, shape to keep them remember these things while playing.
  • šŸŽInnovation Cards: 54 matching cards, any two cards can find two identical patterns, these patterns include animals, plants, daily necessities, things, cars, etc. Bring more fun to your child.
  • šŸŽBest Gift for 2-5 YR kids: The indigo cartoon card and packaging make children's eyes shine, small packaging is more suitable for children grasp, and the odorless and smooth material can make parents feel at ease.

HowĀ toĀ play:
1.Ā EachĀ personĀ isĀ dividedĀ intoĀ 5Ā cards,Ā andĀ theĀ remainingĀ cardsĀ areĀ placedĀ inĀ theĀ centerĀ ofĀ theĀ tableĀ withĀ theĀ backĀ sideĀ up.
2.Ā TurnĀ overĀ aĀ centralĀ card,Ā allĀ playersĀ needĀ toĀ findĀ anĀ elementĀ thatĀ isĀ theĀ sameĀ asĀ theĀ centralĀ cardĀ onĀ theirĀ card,Ā andĀ theĀ firstĀ toĀ callĀ itĀ outĀ willĀ directlyĀ winĀ thisĀ card.
3.Ā AfterĀ aĀ periodĀ ofĀ time,Ā theĀ playerĀ withĀ moreĀ cardsĀ inĀ hisĀ handĀ wins.
KeenĀ observationĀ isĀ byĀ noĀ meansĀ whatĀ SherlockĀ Holmes'sĀ patentĀ isĀ lookingĀ for,Ā isĀ itĀ aĀ win,Ā theĀ keyĀ isĀ toĀ beĀ fast.


  • Style: crazy matching, animal matching
  • Size:Ā aboutĀ 9*9cm/3.54*3.54in

Package included:

  • Children'sĀ CognitiveĀ Card*55
  • BilingualĀ Manual*1
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